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Office of Strategic Communications

Senior Editor, Alla Bevzenko, Linguistics Specialist, Digital Content Manager

Editorial Staff

Bryan Moreno, Photojournalist, Research Assistant

Igor Ktdoma, Photojournalist | Researcher

Furaha Moye, Lifestyle Consultant | Photographer

Anwar Hafeez, Social Media Influencer, Contributor

Sylvia Marvos, Correspondent Canada

Yvette Figueroa, Contributor

Celi Padilla, Lifestyle & Entertainment, Contributor

Evan Saucier, Photojournalist, Technical Consultant

Millie Carbajal, Social Media Influencer, Contributor

DC Office Studio Producer

Jai Kapadia, HAüS of J Aï DECO STüDiOs

Contributing Photographers & Producers

Dez Santana, Dez Santana Photography

Mel Wright, Multimedia Mel Productions

Tomiko Sanchez, Tomiko Sanchez FotoVideo Productions

Global Security Analyst | Geopolitical Correspondent | International Affairs

M. N. Shakoor, Lead Investigator/Analyst

Research & Analysis Department via ARAC-International 

Project Manager | Technology Consultant 

Melvin Jackson, Lladner Business Solutions, LLC

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Armed Conflict Location and Event Data Project

Carnegie Endowment for International Peace


hiTechModa NYFW

Couture Fashion Week NYFW

Leica Fotografie International

IEP Ambassador

IEP Ambassadors comprise of an international network of emerging and established peacebuilders from a wide range of fields and affiliations. Through this program, you are joining other leaders who are creating a paradigm shift in the way the world interacts with and understands peace.

Institute for Peace & Economic

"The Institute for Economics and Peace aims to create a paradigm shift in the way the world thinks about peace. We do this by developing global and national indices, calculating the economic cost of violence, analysing country level risk and fragility, and understanding Positive Peace.

Our research is used extensively by governments, academic institutions, think tanks, non‑governmental organisations and by intergovernmental institutions such as the OECD, The Commonwealth Secretariat, the World Bank and the United Nations. The Institute is headquartered in Sydney with offices in 6 countries, and our research achieves over 20 billion media impressions across 150 countries each year.

Founded by IT entrepreneur and philanthropist Steve Killelea (see full bio) in 2007, the Institute for Economics and Peace has had a profound impact on traditional thinking on matters of security, defence, terrorism and development over the last 13 years. " ~ IEP

Proud Media Partner of USA.GOV

We have teamed up with USAGov to help spread the word about breaking news and press releases related to homeland security and international affairs. USAGov is the official guide to government information and services, in English and in Spanish. The federal program aims to make your life just a little bit easier, providing tips, tools, and answers on a wide variety of topics. 

RAND Corporation

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The Foundation for Defense of Democracies (FDD)

A nonprofit, nonpartisan 501(c)(3) research institute focusing on foreign policy and national security.

Intelligence Fusion

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