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 Feature on M. Nuri Shakoor

M. Nuri Shakoor, Global Security Analyst

About M. Nuri Shakoor

At the forefront of pioneering strategies in security, peacebuilding, and human rights advocacy, M. Nuri Shakoor emerges as a luminary in the realm of global security analysis. A distinguished ambassador for the Institute for Economics and Peace and the visionary founder of ARAC International Inc., Shakoor's career  has included impactful roles and contributions across a spectrum of critical global issues.

His journey, marked by a tenure as a U.S. government contractor, has imbued him with profound insights and practical acumen, enriching his endeavors in security risk management, where he is a certified professional. As a member of the International NGO Safety and Security Association, Shakoor's work transcends boundaries, focusing on armed conflict and peacebuilding, particularly in African humanitarian initiatives. His efforts, aligned with global Sustainable Development Goals and the U.S. Global Fragility Act, underscore his commitment to crafting solutions in regions grappling with security and peace challenges. 

In his role at the renowned international security think tank, IOSI Global, and through his association with ARAC International, Shakoor addresses emerging global security threats with innovative solutions as an independent researcher. His tenure as a cybersecurity and risk management consultant at Lladner Business Solutions highlights his expertise in data protection and insider threat awareness. Shakoor's academic pursuits, including studies in International Humanitarian Law, reflect a deep commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

Shakoor has earned certifications from prestigious institutions like the U.S. Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights, the Center for Development of Security Excellence, and the United States Institute of Peace, further attest to his dedication to his field. His proficiency in data visualization and analysis, as showcased on Tableau Public, offers a window into his approach to security and conflict research.

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